Tool Reviews: You Are Not Your Toolbox

If you are someone who likes to work with tools, that is a good thing. Regardless of how talented you are in whatever it is that you do, having some tools to help you is very important. No one can fulfill their duties with just their mind and hands. They need their own tools so that they can go ahead and get things done. Do not be too proud and act as if you do not need anything.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unless you have a professional workshop you do not need 7 variations of the same tool, as the upkeep alone will prove discouraging.
  • Develop tool monogamy, by really getting to,know the one type and brand you can be consistently faithful to.
  • The exception to the rule is collectors, who should make a practice of bring thoroughly educated about all their pieces and always willing to share what they know.

“Beginners are especially vulnerable. So if talk of tools makes you tingle, listen up.”

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5 Myths About Skid Steers

Highly maneuverable, they fit everywhere and perform all types of jobs, yet the skid steer is the victim of some bad press, in particular several myths. One myth has the skid steer being edged out of the market, which is patently untrue, as the compact wonder is definitely holding its own corner of the biz, due to its size and popularity. Another myth has the skid steer being just another name for a compact track loader, also not true. Though certain body components are alike, the two are not usable in the same way. Skid steers are faster. They have wheels instead of tracks and they perform well on concrete. CTL has track-specific traction, making it good for rougher terrain. Another myth is that OSHA does not require training for skid steer operators. Modern skid steers should also not be subjected to generic hydraulic fluid, which by virtue of yet another myth some owners believe is just fine for their skid steer.

Key Takeaways:

  • The market for the skid steer loader has not decreased because it does jobs that no other machine can do.
  • While skid steer and track loaders have a similar look, they are designed to move through different kinds of surfaces.
  • OSHA does require training on hazards and safety before you can operate a skid steer.

“Skid steer loaders are awesome machines — they’re maneuverable, their compact, and they can perform all kinds of tasks. However, they’ve been around long enough to be the victim of myths and misinformation.”

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Do This Fall Yard Work and Reap Springtime Benefits

The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute notes that Autumn is the perfect time to put in the yard work that will determine how healthy, verdant and tidy your yard will be next summer. Continuing to mow the grass will help it to stay healthy and pest-free and get enough sun. Aerating your lawn will allow more soil, water and nutrients into the soil, while mulching your leaves and lawn clippings together can help create nutrient-rich compost to feed your living landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, Autumn is when you need to put in the work that will give you a beautiful yard next summer.
  • Autumn is the right time to mulch, trim, patch, aerate and otherwise maintain your living landscape.
  • Aerating your soil lets more water and air get to your grass, while mulching your leaves and grass clippings will create rich compost.

“Cutting the grass low allows more sun to reach the crown of the grass, so less leaf will turn brown in the winter.”

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From outdoor living spaces to solving drainage issues, landscaping deserves a careful look

The Lindberg family of Canyon, Minnesota hired Mike Saline of Saline Landscape and Design to undertake a complex, multiple-month landscaping project meant to improve the appearance and privacy of their new home. Saline’s project, which draws from Australian and French designs, makes extensive use of gabion walls — basically, metal baskets filled with rocks — and also incorporates benches and a fire ring. Drainage is also a major landscaping issue, especially in the Duluth area. If you regularly see standing water or soft areas, this may be a sign it’s time to do some planting and sodding and make some use of sloping and dry tile to improve drainage.

Key Takeaways:

  • The people that are savvy with their landscaping can have such an efficient home.
  • There are a lot of people who struggle with drainage issues on their own properties.
  • Some individuals are not aware of the costs that come with inputting a drainage issue.

“Gary Lindberg is nearing the end of a long-awaited project. His home build was five years in the making, and now, he and his wife are in the final stages: the yard.”

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Go on a Power Trip with the BGA 100 Battery-Powered Blower

This ad about the BGA 100 Battery Powered Blower is upbeat, appealing, and seems to catch a man’s eye. Stihl is marketing a a heavy-grade (almost Industrial) blower in a light battery powered package. It is shown with a man doing work using the blower to blow away heavy debris. He has what appears to be a backpack on that connects an external battery pack to the blower through a large orange cord.