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If you are someone who likes to work with tools, that is a good thing. Regardless of how talented you are in whatever it is that you do, having some tools to help you is very important. No one can fulfill their duties with just their mind and hands. They need their own tools so that they can go ahead and get things done. Do not be too proud and act as if you do not need anything.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unless you have a professional workshop you do not need 7 variations of the same tool, as the upkeep alone will prove discouraging.
  • Develop tool monogamy, by really getting to,know the one type and brand you can be consistently faithful to.
  • The exception to the rule is collectors, who should make a practice of bring thoroughly educated about all their pieces and always willing to share what they know.

“Beginners are especially vulnerable. So if talk of tools makes you tingle, listen up.”

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