Creating the iconic Stahl House – Curbed

A couples dream home is something to be excited about. Building homes is a lot of work and takes a good carpenter. The Stahl house was not only made by great carpenter; but also, it was made for a couple. The Stahl house is a dream home for the couple Carlotta and Buck. They envisioned a home and the house they found and created from the grown up was the home they envisioned. A perfect dream home.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Stahl House is a great example of modern architecture at its best. Photographers have always been drawn in by the unique look that it offers.
  • Clarence Stahl died in 2005, but his legacy lives on afterwards. People look to the Stahl House for inspiration that they want to consider.
  • The architect studied the composition of the land before the building began. That gave the team better insight in to the building phase itself.

“By physically, visually, and psychologically integrating the indoors and outdoors, it offered a new, casual way of life that more actively connected people to their environment.”

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Tree Care Capabilities | Vermeer Equipment

Taking care of trees is a very tough thing. The kind of care that we are talking about is not planting them and watering them, it is about taking them down. Vermeer is a company that deals with machines and it will help many businesses take care of their needs. The machines do a great job at cutting through the tree and getting it out of the way. It is important for people that need their land developed.

DIY expert has creativity by the yard – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Landscape architect Sara Bendrick is featured in a San Diego newspaper article. Bendrick graduated with a degree in landscape architecture, and successfully auditioned for the host of a DIY network show that ran for three years. Ms. Bendrick went on to start up her own company in San Diego. In addition, she wrote a book and has submitted two pilot shows to the DIY network. She has executed several projects. Her clients weighed in with positive testimonials.

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Tips on getting the most out of your Revelstoke yard – Revelstoke Mountaineer

A landscape designer has offered several tips on how to set up a yard in the small city of Revelstoke, British Columbia. The area is rather small, and his tips reflect dealing with a limited area. He recommends getting acquainted with local conditions governing the yard. He advises digging a few test holes to determine the geological make up of the yard. He recommends planting a few trees for shade. He includes a photo of a yard for inspiration.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a number of things to consider when planning to landscape from scratch often ranging to cost and style.
  • When landscaping, there are a number of property intricacies to take into account such as view, lighting, shade, and noise, for example.
  • Hardscaping can pose unique challenges due to the surface materials used and may involve some machine work.

“Installing your landscape over a number of months or even years is a cost-effective way and allows for a more thoughtful approach.”

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Home Improvement Is Hot Right Now, but Who’s Doing What? – News

With the economy improving, people have more income to invest in their homes. As a result, the home improvement industry is experiencing a boom. To get more details on this increased interest in home improvement, HomeAdvisor did a study on what people were investing in. They studied the age of the homeowners, income level, geographic location, and age of the home and found some interesting trends. For example, most of the millennials home projects included child proofing and landscaping while older people focused on upkeep. All of these factors found similar patterns that created a clear picture on how people are improving their home to the best of their ability.

Key Takeaways:

  • Homeowner’s are moving beyond simple home repair and are spending big bucks on home restoration projects.
  • Millenials are moving to the suburbs, despite the high real estate market and tend to buy child-related items for the home.
  • Boomers tend to spend money on projects that add value to the property.

“installing or repairing swamp coolers is popular with those making less than $75,000.”

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