Pallet Planter Ideas that Stylishly Bring Upcycling to Your Garden

“Up-cycling” is a skill every gardener who finds faith renewed and days begun watching flowers grow, waiting for edibles to ripen, or trees to provide shade must use. For decades gardeners have up-cycled “pallets” to add depth, height, and color to their gardens and yards. Wooden pallets destined for the land fill become wall hangings when planted with flowers and perennials. Imagination, design, color all make these hangings gracious. Add succulents or grow strawberries.

Key Takeaways:

  • One great plus to using this type of wood is that, without this type of reinvention, it is generally destined for the dump.
  • Use of this wood has been catching on with do-it-yourselfers, particularly for the last ten years.
  • The naturally aged look and the open spaces inherent to the item work perfectly with plants and will look stunning in your garden.

“Pallet wood can be disassembled and repurposed into any shape that you can imagine, so it’s easy to make a pallet planter that fits your needs.”

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Grilling on Twitter: 50 Grillmasters to Follow in Time for Summer

Grilling is typically done during the warm weather seasons. Although warm weather may end, grilling does not have to stop. If you have run out of ideas to keep your grilling experience interesting, there are lots of professionals on twitter that can give you recipes to keep on grilling outside of the season. Take a moment to visit all of the cooks referenced below. You are sure to find a recipe that allows you to continue to enjoy the grill.

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Amazing Before And After Garage Makeovers You Have To See Now!

Well I have learned a lot about unused space in a room I never thought I would be able to do justice. After having looked at some ideas and realizing how much stuff a person can own in the garage and how sometimes things just get put in there. Cabinets are the answer. Having things organized into their own space frees everything up. Then you can put all the holiday stuff and tools in there. I would never have though of that idea but its a great idea.

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Stay cool with the Portacool Jetstream 2400

Welcome Summer! Ah, summer, a time for enjoying the great outdoors, but also a time to endure the heat that comes with it. With all the extra daylight hours available to get projects done outside, summer can be the perfect time to get a lot of odds and ends tasks completed. However, did you know that according to the National Weather Service heat is a leading cause of weather-related fatalities each year in the USA. Therefore, it is important to take precautionary steps to protect you and your family this summer.

Not sure what to do? One very convenient way to keep an area that is traditionally difficult to cool would be to rent the Portacool Jetstream 2400 from True Value Rental. This unit is an easy and effective way to cool patios, shops, and garages, just to name a few. This unit has a cooling capacity of 2000sf, with low operational costs, and it’s environmentally friendly.

Don’t overheat in your garage when you’re working on your latest project when it can be so easy to stay cool and be more productive at the same time. Remember, it’s important to stay cool during this hot season and the Portacool Jetstream 2400 can help you achieve your goals in a really cool way.

Building with Secondhand Stuff: Make a Wood Pallet Planter

The idea of using commonly available materials to build and suit the lives of people is booming. Creativity is being expressed with an entirely new generation of adults who more often, are forgoing traditional means of purchasing products and would rather build something that gives them the option of a more personal customization and to save on money. Pallets are a cheap and in most cases can be obtained for free if one knows where to look. Making an outdoor planter with pallets seems relatively simple and can be completed in an afternoon, giving rise to a new generation of makers who prefer to get their hands dirty.

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