Bed Edger Takes Care of Our Own Front Yard

Have you been by the shop recently?  The area in front of our rental yard was looking a little neglected so we decided to do a little landscaping.  Fortunately we have some great rental equipment to get the job done.  We started by removing some bushes with our John Deere Excavator E35G.  Watch us take out the last bush here.

Next we brought in our Trenchmaster Bed Edger to really define the bed up front.  Check out the video above to see the edger in action.  Then check out the before and after pics at right to see what we started with and what it looks like after the pine straw was added.

Have a similar need or project?  Let our professional staff help you figure out which tools or equipment is right for the job.

Paver Saw Helps with Veteran Memorial

In Liberty, it’s finally happening.  Since 2012, the LVMG (Liberty Veterans Memorial and Gardens, Inc) have been raising funds to build a memorial to all veterans from any branch of service.  Its a beautiful and unique design.  But it required some interesting shaped pavers which is where our paver saw came in.

To learn more about the LVMG, please visit their website at https://libertyvmg.org

paver saw true value rental triad

paver saw lvmg

paver saw lvmg


Easy DIY Projects to Boost Your Home’s Value

If you are considering putting your house on the market or simply updating the curb appeal, it will help your home make a good first impression.  There are several DIY projects that can help you obtain a new look.  Sometimes all your home may need is pressure washing or updating the landscape.   True Value Rental is committed to offering the best equipment for rental to help you achieve these goals.

Source: Easy DIY Projects to Boost Your Home’s Value

How to Hand-Prune Trees and Shrubs

If you have trees and shrubs, at some point it may be necessary to trim or prune them.  There are right ways to do this and wrong ways too.  A great method to follow is the three-cut method.  This video gives you easy to follow steps to keep your trees healthy and happy!

Source: How to Hand-Prune Trees