12 Reasons to Rent vs. Buy Equipment

Renting equipment for a project can be time-saving and cost-saving for your company. Some benefits include that your company doesn’t have to dispose of old or unwanted equipment. You don’t have to service or store the equipment. It will be easier to calculate the cost of the project with rented equipment. You will get the exact piece of equipment that you need and it will be serviced and safe. You won’t have to pay property taxes on the equipment. You won’t have to pay employees just to take care of the equipment. Renting equipment will save your company capital that you can invest elsewhere.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you rent, you don’t have to decide what to do with the equipment once you no longer need it.
  • You can rent the exact piece of equipment that you need for your project, and in the right quantity.
  • If you rent from a reputable company, your equipment will be well-maintained and safe to use.

“Renting equipment from companies… comes with effective cost- and time-saving benefits.”

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Unheated Greenhouse Growing: How To Use An Unheated Greenhouse

During winter nights, greenhouses can become cold and your plants are at risk of frostbite. However, if you keep temperatures in the greenhouse relatively stable and plant the right vegetation, you can have a thriving greenhouse throughout the winter months. Hardy veggies like cabbage and leafy greens such as spinach fare well in the winter greenhouse. If you’d like to grow herbs, consider perennial ones like parsley and fennel. Flowers like calendulas and pansies will bloom even in winter.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are plenty of growing options in an unheated greenhouse, such as spinach and broccoli.
  • Perennial herbs like parsley and chives handle the cold well.
  • For flower options, try cold-resistant options like pansies or chrysanthemums.

“In an unheated greenhouse, growing anything during the cold months of winter may seem impossible.”

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DIY Staycation Backyard Gardens – How To Make A Staycation Garden

A staycation garden is a unique space where you can escape the stress of modern life and take a mini vacation. Creating a staycation garden shouldn’t be a hassle, as that would be counterintuitive. Fill it with low-maintenance plants like perennials, which are drought-resistant. Pad your garden with mulch to prevent weed growth. Build yourself a basic lounge area and fix it with outdoor lightning to ensure that you can enjoy your garden at all hours. A fountain can add a relaxing touch, or if you’re inclined toward cooking, consider adding an outdoor barbecue.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stick to the basics when creating your garden, that way you don’t make too much work for yourself.
  • Create an area designed for leisure; consider adding some lounge chairs to your garden.
  • Outdoor lighting can help keep your garden illuminated after dark.

“The goal of a staycation garden is to create a space that is so cozy, comfortable and inviting that you can enjoy a mini vacation any time the mood strikes you.”

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How to Use: Trash pumps

When using a trash pump, it’s important to understand what it can and cannot do. Centrifugal trash pumps can’t handle water with too much solid content (25 percent is the approximate maximum). You should also avoid pumping corrosive material or fuels, as well as water that is too hot or too far down. Experts further warn against using too much suction hose or pipe, which leads to suction cavitation. Last, be sure to follow all safety recommendations.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s not enough to be able to operate a trash pump, you should know all its capabilities.
  • You will also need to decide whether you want to rent a trash pump, which can save you money.
  • Finally, look for a trash pump with a strong, top quality engine and always perform maintenance on a regular basis, unless of course you rent which means that is taken care of for you already.

“If you’re considering adding a trash pump to your yard, look at your usage time as well as the types of jobs on which you are using the pump.”

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Patio Heaters: Which One Is Right For You?

Tis the season for Patio Heaters. There are many options but it all depends on your personal preference and your personal space. You must consider a few things before you make a purchase. First, you must find the best place to put the heater and that depends on how large or small your space is. Then there is the fuel source, what type of fuel will you want to use for this purpose? You can choose electric, propane or gas. Finally there is the style and this becomes a personal decor choice rather then a functional situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Patio heaters help people transition from summer to fall, letting clients still enjoy their outdoor patio areas on chilly nights without freezing.
  • Patio heaters can be fueled different ways, with natural gases, propane, and even electric heaters.
  • There are many styles of patio heaters to choose from, ranging from tabletop heaters, wall mounted heaters and even ceiling mounted heaters.

“Patio heaters can help create a comfortable environment for late-summer fun, enabling homeowners to make extended use of their revamped backyard patios, decks, porches and outdoor living spaces.”

Read more: https://www.ahs.com/home-matters/lawn-garden/guide-to-patio-heaters