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Tis the season for Patio Heaters. There are many options but it all depends on your personal preference and your personal space. You must consider a few things before you make a purchase. First, you must find the best place to put the heater and that depends on how large or small your space is. Then there is the fuel source, what type of fuel will you want to use for this purpose? You can choose electric, propane or gas. Finally there is the style and this becomes a personal decor choice rather then a functional situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Patio heaters help people transition from summer to fall, letting clients still enjoy their outdoor patio areas on chilly nights without freezing.
  • Patio heaters can be fueled different ways, with natural gases, propane, and even electric heaters.
  • There are many styles of patio heaters to choose from, ranging from tabletop heaters, wall mounted heaters and even ceiling mounted heaters.

“Patio heaters can help create a comfortable environment for late-summer fun, enabling homeowners to make extended use of their revamped backyard patios, decks, porches and outdoor living spaces.”

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