A Backyard Fire Feature for Three Seasons Enjoyment

Now that winter has arrived are you considering a backyard fire feature to keep you warm and letting you enjoy the outdoors at the same time?   Now is a great time to do a little research, review building codes, and create a list of items needed to accomplish such a task.  Generally, this can be created in one weekend and sometimes we have mild enough winter days to complete a project like this.  We also have the tools you’ll need.  Check here for more information.

Source:   A Backyard Fire Feature for Three Seasons Enjoyment

How to Recover When a Water Pipe Bursts

Winter can bring with it cold temperatures, crisp cool mornings and sometimes a burst water pipe.  It can be a small break but still a big clean up.  In some cases this may be a manageable task you can handle yourself, with the right equipment and tons of great tips.  This article really helps to give you a place to start to get this project underway.

Source:  How to Recover When a Water Pipe Bursts

Why Buy When You Can Rent

Christmas can be a hard hit to your budget.   Maybe you or someone special in your life wants or needs various pieces of equipment, but it just isn’t in the budget to buy these items right now.  Truthfully, it isn’t always practical to own every piece of equipment you may need to upkeep your home or yard, but there is a solution to this and for a fraction of the cost of owning.  There are even more benefits to renting such as having the best equipment, up-to-date and well-maintained tools, plus no worries where to store the items after you finished using them, just to name a few.

Source: Why Buy When You Can Rent