A Back Porch Recipe for Peace by Bob Hill

Through gardening, one man finds contentment and relaxation. Motivated by a desire to sculpt and shape the view from his back porch, he has spent years carefully considering and tending to his back yard. Hand planted dogwood trees have given him great satisfaction to see grow. The change from the initial state, which had been left fairly barren by his earlier family members who owned the property is remarkable. There is a lot of history in his property that he thinks about.

Key Takeaways:

  • A backyard with trees, gardens and foliage explained by the one planted it throughout the years
  • A recap of how the garden was put nurtured together by his wife and played among by his daughter
  • As the writer views how his early plantings, some 40 years ago, have matured, he shares how, with the passing of time, he has matured, finding meaning and inner peace from his back porch view.

“It is history. It is friends. It is family – the three ingredients of life that have always meant the most to me, and surely must be the same with you.”

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Get Ready for Winter: Garden Watering Tools Care Guide for Fall

For us, people who love gardening, fall is such a precious time, mainly because is the time were we can do cleaning and maintenance of our gardening tools, even if you live in the warmer climates south of the country, fall is the perfect timing to give good cleaning and maintenance to your tools even if you will continue to use them throughout the year. Those of us, who live in the cooler climates and won’t be using the tools for a while, this process also includes storing our precious tools.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best way to get any excess water out of a hose would be, using a partner, expanding the hose the full length and then one holds the hose up at an angle allowing the water to fall out the other side.
  • A hose coupling is the faucet end of the hose that stays connected to the house.
  • Flooding in a basement can be caused if a person does not shut off the outdoor valves and open the outside faucets to allow all the water to get out before it freezes.

“Winter temperatures can freeze water, causing it to expand and rupture the hose. Fall maintenance involves draining the hose and storing it indoors in a garden shed or garage over winter.”

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John Deere 1025R Cab Tractor – “Room For 1”

The John Deere 1025R Cab Tractor is a unique tractor with space for just one occupant. It can be used by most any adult in any type of weather. Snow removal is it’s primary usage and it is also heated, which makes for a more comfortable plowing experience. Aside from that, it includes all the features John Deere is known for such as comfort, style, and functionality features. As they say in the ad; it is simply Cabtivating!

5 things to motivate hardscaping crews – Lawn & Landscape

Hardscaping, part of the landscaping banner, can be a difficult industry to conquer. The author gives five ways to keep a crew motivated on track, so that you do not lose focus. Most of them come down to planning. Training is critical as well to make sure the crew and the foreman are on the same path. Most importantly is to have a crisis action plan. This will help the team handle changes in legislation, weather and even mood of client.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lawn and landscape care do not usually have a plan on how to get their job done.
  • Taking extra time to train the landscape crew can save lots of money for the future.
  • Pass out a letter to the neighborhood letting people know when you will be there. It is courteous and it rounds up new business.

“According to Gandora, about 98 percent of the people he talks to don’t have a plan for performing hardscaping jobs.”

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Growing Parsnips From Kitchen Scraps – Can You Regrow Parsnips From Tops

Many have contemplated growing vegetables from kitchen scraps. For example, the article “Growing Parsnips From Kitchen Scraps – Can You Regrow Parsnips From Tops” explores the possibilities of regrowing parsnips after partially eating the vegetable. The article found that parsnips are actually able to regrow after being partially eaten. In fact, if one were to plant the top of a parsnip, new leaves would begin to sprout. However, the author reminds us that the vegetable may not grow as anticipated. For parsnips, regrowing may only result in new leaves instead of a whole root.

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