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For us, people who love gardening, fall is such a precious time, mainly because is the time were we can do cleaning and maintenance of our gardening tools, even if you live in the warmer climates south of the country, fall is the perfect timing to give good cleaning and maintenance to your tools even if you will continue to use them throughout the year. Those of us, who live in the cooler climates and won’t be using the tools for a while, this process also includes storing our precious tools.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best way to get any excess water out of a hose would be, using a partner, expanding the hose the full length and then one holds the hose up at an angle allowing the water to fall out the other side.
  • A hose coupling is the faucet end of the hose that stays connected to the house.
  • Flooding in a basement can be caused if a person does not shut off the outdoor valves and open the outside faucets to allow all the water to get out before it freezes.

“Winter temperatures can freeze water, causing it to expand and rupture the hose. Fall maintenance involves draining the hose and storing it indoors in a garden shed or garage over winter.”

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