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New updates are on the way for those interested in a piece of technology. The prices have been changed and users should take note of that fact. The official announcement will appeal to dedicated fans who are captivated by the technology. Inoreader is working to change things for users who want to try something new. That will appeal to a new generation of users too. Trust that the updates will be vital for the technology.

Cutting Back Impatiens: Learn About Pruning Impatiens Plants

Impatiens are relatively easy plants to maintain, but they do require some work to help them display that full, healthy look. The problem is that if impatiens are allowed to grow on their own, they tend to display too much stem and not enough flower. Cutting the stems at the appropriate times will help. After the initial flowering begins to fade, you can cut the top of the stem, which will help encourage more blooms. A couple of times during the summer, you can take a larger cut of up to half a foot to make sure the stems don’t get too long.

Key Takeaways:

  • Impatiens are relatively low-maintenance, but to maintain a full, healthy look, the stems need to be cut.
  • Once the flower has bloomed and starts to fade, cut the tops of the stems.
  • Cut a larger section of the stem no more than a couple times during the summer to get and keep that full look.

“They need regular water but, otherwise, you mostly don’t have to do anything with them for long periods of time.”

Read more: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/impatiens/cutting-back-impatiens.htm

Go on a Power Trip with the BGA 100 Battery-Powered Blower

This ad about the BGA 100 Battery Powered Blower is upbeat, appealing, and seems to catch a man’s eye. Stihl is marketing a a heavy-grade (almost Industrial) blower in a light battery powered package. It is shown with a man doing work using the blower to blow away heavy debris. He has what appears to be a backpack on that connects an external battery pack to the blower through a large orange cord.

Build It | Entryway Wall Shelf

This video is a ‘how-to’ on how to make an entry way wall shelf. First, they show a rough sketch of the project. Then they go to the lumber store to buy supplies for the project. Next, they measure and cut their wood. Step by step they create this unit. Once assembled, they will sand it, prime it and then paint it. They also mention that they will then probably add hooks. These last steps are just mentioned and not shown.

John Deere Skidders & Wheeled Feller Bunchers | Cab Comfort

John Deere has upgraded the comfort level of the cabs of their Skidders and Wheeled Fuller Bunchers. They have upgraded to include a fully rotating seat in the cab and added more room to move around. The upgrade has also added more line of sight to the front and sides. The more comfortable cab makes for an easier work day, as these cabs are usually acting as the workers “office”. It does not get any more top quality than John Deere.

How to Patch a Plaster and Lathe Ceiling

Patching a lathe and plaster cieling can be a messy job causing debris in your living space, there are a couple of ways to replace the lathe and plaster. The first would involve you cutting out a section and installing a sheet with the same thickness as the plaster and fixing it that way, the second way involve using a board, the objective is to try and push the plaster back in without causing a big mess.