Top Landscaping Trends of 2019: Jazz Up Your Yard With These Must-Haves

Captivating lawns do not happen by accident, they’re created by homeowners who want their home to look immaculate from the inside out. Follow the 2019 landscaping trends to ensure that your home looks great from the outside. it is simple to add pergolas, pops of pink color, or even metal hardware to fences, gates, and other fixtures to accentuate the look. These are a few of the many landscaping trends that you should be a part of.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is a waste of time to go out and spend precious money when one can stay at home and invite his friends to his landscaped backyard.
  • Provided their backyards are landscaped the right way, many persons would prefer to spend the time outdoors in their own private oases.
  • One of the trends of landscaping is that people are becoming intentional about what they want to use their outdoor spaces for.

“Forget waking up early on the weekends to tend to the garden. Homeowners these days are embracing new technologies that take away the humdrum tasks they dread—like mowing the lawn and watering the plants.”

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How To Design Your Outdoor Space Like A Pro

With creativity and hard work, you can design your own outdoor living spaces without outsourcing the job to someone else. Start with some durable, weather resistant patio furniture from Park Warehouse. Look for metal, cedar or teal furniture that can serve multiple purposes and is easily stored when not in use. Fire pits can be both romantic and functional. You can also explore xeriscaping elements such as hardy native grasses, mulch and patches of open earth interspersed with your pavers to create a creative, economical, environmentally friendly landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Buy patio furniture that is made of high quality materials and is easy to care for.
  • Choose plants that can thrive in your outdoor space without a lot of water.
  • Make your outdoor space more romantic by installing a fire pit or some other type of fire feature.

“Bring back the life of your patio and garden and spark happier conversations, enhance mood, and encourage positive vibes in your home.”

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Plane Tree Shedding Bark: Is Plane Tree Bark Loss Normal

It can be alarming for a homeowner to find that a plane tree on her property has begun shedding its bark. Alarming, but not necessarily surprising: it is a common occurrence in the popular London plane tree. However, while bark shedding may be unsightly, it is not indicative of poor tree health. Bark shedding is a natural process, most likely way of removing old layers to make room for new ones. Another theory posits that trees may discard their bark as a defense against parasites and disease. Regardless, there is no reason to be concerned, unless other negative signs are also apparent in the tree.

Key Takeaways:

  • Landscapers know that the choice to plant shade trees is a good choice considering the fact that they need to invest time, money, and patience.
  • The London plane tree, which is quite used in landscaping and busy city streets, is known to shed its bark drastically.
  • Although the amount of bark that is shed by plane trees is unpredictable, when homeowners see this happening, they begin to think that the tree is diseased.

“The sudden or unexpected loss of bark in mature trees can be quite the cause for concern for many homeowners.”

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Weather Whiplash

Have you ever heard of the term weather whiplash? Chances are, if you are like me, you absolutely have not. In a recent article published by May Dream Gardens, this term describes the process plants go through when our weather goes from an extreme low to an extreme high and back again. It recaps her experiences in gardening and outlines what she intends to do in the upcoming season to keep providing foliage for her home. As an added bonus, she provides an picture so that you too can identify dreaded winter whiplash.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recent extreme fluctuations in temperature have placed a stress on home gardens
  • The best course of action may simply be to ride out this “weather whiplash” rather than alter one’s gardening schedule
  • Bringing home new houseplants and browsing seed catalogs can serve to satisfy the gardening itch until the weather returns to normal form

“The weather whiplash has me all itchy and twitchy to get out and do some gardening. Well, that and the April-like forecast for this week.”

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What Marin’s landscape pros plan to do in their own gardens this year – Marin Independent Journal

Even landscape professionals have set the New Year’s resolution of updating their own yards. The Blasens have committed to making their yard more drought tolerant and reduce their water use. They are cutting irrigation to native grasses and working with neighbors to remove any combustible debris. Scott Columbo of Scott Columbo Designs has recently moved. His garden was once famous, but he is now in a new property. This year he has resolved to update his garden at his new property.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Blasens who own the company, Blasen Landscape Architecture, have lived in Fairfax for more than 25 years and have through their company designed several commercial and residential projects.
  • Silvina Blasen, who is a notable plantswoman, told the author that their New Year’s resolution is to continue their commitment of reducing their water usage.
  • The Blasens have cut the irrigation to their established grasses, Manzanita and native hazelnut trees because they expect a colorful winter due to the heavy rains.

“And, in 2019 they’ll continue working alongside their neighbors to clear any combustible debris, a project started last year, to reduce fire hazards.”

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