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It can be alarming for a homeowner to find that a plane tree on her property has begun shedding its bark. Alarming, but not necessarily surprising: it is a common occurrence in the popular London plane tree. However, while bark shedding may be unsightly, it is not indicative of poor tree health. Bark shedding is a natural process, most likely way of removing old layers to make room for new ones. Another theory posits that trees may discard their bark as a defense against parasites and disease. Regardless, there is no reason to be concerned, unless other negative signs are also apparent in the tree.

Key Takeaways:

  • Landscapers know that the choice to plant shade trees is a good choice considering the fact that they need to invest time, money, and patience.
  • The London plane tree, which is quite used in landscaping and busy city streets, is known to shed its bark drastically.
  • Although the amount of bark that is shed by plane trees is unpredictable, when homeowners see this happening, they begin to think that the tree is diseased.

“The sudden or unexpected loss of bark in mature trees can be quite the cause for concern for many homeowners.”

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