Buying vs. Renting Outdoor Equipment |

When you need a piece of equipment you don’t already have, you’ll need to make a choice about whether to rent it for just one job, or buy it outright. If you expect to use the equipment for at least 60 percent of your work, then it is usually more cost effective to buy it. However, another consideration is maintenance, since rental removes the need to perform it yourself this could be more beneficial for you to rent. Storage is also a factor and it may be more efficient to rent than to store gear you don’t use much.

Key Takeaways:

  • Two options that one can choose from when he needs a big job to tackle but doesn’t have the tools for it is to rent it or buy it.
  • A good rule of thumb whether to rent or buy is the 60 percent gauge. If you will use it less than 60 percent of the time, simply rent it.
  • One factor that must be considered when thinking of buying equipment is whether one has the time and money to maintain them.  Renting may be a more cost effective solution in the long run.

“If you need a tool or machinery for a one-time, unique task, it’s usually best to simply rent what you need.”

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Time to Think About Fertilizer |

It’s almost time to fertilize your lawn, and making sure you get it right can make a real difference to how well your lawn grows over the rest of the year. You usually want to give your lawn some “breathing room” as the winter transitions into spring. This will allow root systems to start growing and to use up any remaining fertilizer from the previous year that may remain in the soil. Be conservative with your first application — about half of what the manufacturer recommends — because over fertilizing will ruin the look of your lawn. You can always add more if the first application isn’t enough.

Key Takeaways:

  • This is spring and now that spring has come, it is time for gardeners to make sure their grass has the nourishment that it needs to flourish.
  • To ensure the grass at the lawn is well groomed, one needs to regularly fertilize the lawn at the optimal time.
  • It is not wise to start fertilizing the lawn immediately when spring starts. One has to give them a breathing space before starting it.

“Traditional fertilizers are typically tailored for the time of year, so when searching for the product you need, be on the lookout for a spring mixture.”

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Retaining walls to the rescue – Examiner Enterprise

Segmental Retaining Walls (SRW) can be used to help build everything from tiered and curved walls to stairs, all while protecting against erosion and soil loss. Modern SRW systems like VERSA-LOK can easily handle curves and tiers and be used to create a variety of design elements. You can incorporate SRWs such as VERSA-LOK into tiered walls that are a perfect way to handle slopes on your property. They can also be used as to create stairs that are both functional and visually pleasing.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the most versatile landscaping tools in the toolbox of a homeowner and professional landscaper is the segmental retaining wall (SRW).
  • The original intent of SRWs was to retain soil, transition slopes, and prevent erosion but they can also be used to create hardscape features that are useful and enjoyable.
  • One recommended product is VERSA-LOK which homeowners and professionals can creatively adapt to accommodate curves, corners, columns, and tiers without building any special pieces.

“Today’s SRWs can do all that plus serve as multipurpose building blocks for a variety of outdoor-living features, including stairs, columns, freestanding walls, tiered walls, curved walls, seating and more.”

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Renew an old concrete patio with pavers – Randolph Leader

You can do a lot to improve your home’s curb appeal and make your outdoor spaces more inviting by using pavers to improve your driveway or patio. Patios are a versatile focal point for socializing and relaxation, but often the concrete surface of your patio ages poorly, and completely replacing it is expensive. A faster, more efficient and more economical option would be to use remodeling pavers — Keystone Hardscapes offers some good ones — to remodel their existing surface. This process is typically much faster and requires less labor than tearing up and replacing a patio, and the results can look great because of the versatility and sleekness of available pavers.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new study by Houzz shows that for homeowners to upgrade the backyard and improve its curb appeal is a wise investment.
  • A paver driveway or patio are some of the great ways to improve the look of a home as well as having an outdoor kitchen to entertain friends.
  • The patio is the primary focal point for living outdoors and should therefore be a great place to start a backyard makeover.

“Nearly 70 percent of homeowners spend more time outside after completing a landscaping project, according to a 2018 Houzz survey.”

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Top 10 Trends for New Home Construction and Renovations in 2018 and Beyond

A new year brings new trends in home design and construction. An increase of both minimalism an environmental awareness has led to overall smaller homes, built or renovated with energy saving measures in mind and decorated with “upcycled” pieces. Such pieces turn something old into something new, while sometimes bringing in elements of the outdoors inside. Open concept floor plans are popular. Striking accents like copper gutters and white cabinets are also trending.

Key Takeaways:

  • To keep a home bold and classy, it is advisable to have copper gutters installed because copper gives uniqueness and durability to a home.
  • There will be a focus on energy savings and this trend will extend from appliances to materials actually used to build a home.
  • Green living is a concept that many home owners are becoming comfortable with. This involves using materials that are sustainable and with renewable energy sources.

“It seems that every New Year brings with it a new set of trends that help lead the tastes of homeowners across the nation.”

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