Skid-Steer & Compact Track Loaders – Bob Cat Equipment

Have you ever been curious about a skid-steer or compact track loader?  Do you have a potential job in mind and you’re left wondering what this type of machinery can do to help?  Check out this video showing what this machine can do in different environments and situations as well as how the device is controlled.  The possibilities are endless!

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Mulch Alternatives: Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home

Need something to make your plants look better, give your home a better look overall, and prevent weeds?  You may want to consider different types of mulch alternatives.  There are plenty of options besides wood chips.  We rent everything from wheelbarrows to skid steers to help you with whatever mulch alternative you choose.

Source: Mulch Alternatives:  Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home

Why Buy When You Can Rent

Christmas can be a hard hit to your budget.   Maybe you or someone special in your life wants or needs various pieces of equipment, but it just isn’t in the budget to buy these items right now.  Truthfully, it isn’t always practical to own every piece of equipment you may need to upkeep your home or yard, but there is a solution to this and for a fraction of the cost of owning.  There are even more benefits to renting such as having the best equipment, up-to-date and well-maintained tools, plus no worries where to store the items after you finished using them, just to name a few.

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How Your Rental Company Can Help With In Home Projects

The joys of homeownership can sometimes come at a high cost when it comes to home projects, but that doesn’t always have to be case.  There are many tools needed to complete jobs around the house but you can save tons of money by renting some of those pieces of equipment instead of buying them to only use once.   Along with rentals you can get pro-tips and knowledge regarding equipment and its uses.  Let True Value help you with your next project.  Take a look at just a few of the things we can assist you with in the link below, the possibilities are endless.

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Rent the Equipment for Your Fall Yard Cleanup

Even though the end of fall is near and winter will be here before we know it, it is important to prepare your yard for the winter months.  Begin with a list of what you need to accomplish.  Consider renting items that will help you the most with clean up (leaf blower and vacuums).   Check out this article if you need ideas of things to do and what equipment may be most useful for fall clean up tasks.

Source: Rent the Equipment for Your Fall Yard Cleanup

Tips for Removing Tree Stumps

Rental equipment needed for stump grindingNeeding landscaping equipment in Greensboro and surrounding areas?It’s that time of year – time to get your lawn back in optimum condition for maximum summertime enjoyment. If you have tree stumps in your yard, they’re likely taking up space you could be using for something else, like a garden or a kids’ play area. Maybe you’ve learned to just overlook them, thinking that removing them would be too big of a job. There are actually several ways to tackle the task; which method you use depends a lot on how much patience you have for the process.

Dig it Out
If you don’t mind using plenty of muscle, you could just manually dig out the stump with a shovel and plenty of elbow grease. Dig around the stump until you’ve uncovered the largest roots. This method works best for tree stumps that are fairly small, with a limited root system. If the roots appear to run deep, another method may work better.

Grind it Out
The quickest method involves renting a stump grinder from your local equipment rental company. This machine makes relatively easy work out of grinding the stump and roots down to a depth of about 1 foot below ground. Renting a stump grinder is especially smart if you have several tree stumps to tackle. It’s important to wear protection for your hands, eyes and ears if you’ll be using a grinder. The machine will quickly grind down the stump; all that’s left to do is remove the grindings and fill in the hole with soil.

Burn it Out
This method doesn’t involve much muscle, but it may not be permitted in your city or town. Check with your local fire department before going this route. To burn out a stump, simply surround it with firewood, light it and allow it to burn the stump down to the ground. Then, shovel out the ashes and refill with dirt.

Use a Chemical Remover
If you have plenty of patience and aren’t in a hurry to remove the stump, you can drill holes in the stump and fill them with potassium nitrate and water. This method will soften the stump in about 4 to 6 weeks, at which time it will be pliable enough to use an axe to break up the wood.

If you’d like to make quick work of this task you’ve been dreading, the best way is to rent a grinding machine for a day. This way, you’ll be dreaming up new uses for all that new space that much sooner!