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If you’re looking for the best piece of equipment to accomplish most of your large landscaping endeavors, you really need to consider the skid steer (for bigger jobs) or a mini skid steer (for smaller jobs). Both types of skid steers are versatile pieces of machinery, but what makes them even more adaptable and unique is when using different attachments. Heavy machinery can be costly to buy, but it doesn’t have to be when you decide to rent equipment with True Value Rental. You will have access to our top-notch customer service, superior quality machinery, and no maintenance costs! So, what exactly can a skid steer do? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Root Grapple – If you’re looking to remodel your yard, garden or larger area you may be interested in a grapple. This tool is great for lifting large rocks, logs, or even brush.


Trencher- Need to dig trenches for utility or irrigation systems, power and/or water lines or trench close to buildings, walls, fences, and other objects? A small loader with a trencher attachment is great for precisions cuts and smaller utility runs on crowded job sites too!


Power Rake – Travel faster, cut deeper and move on the next task with a power rake. Relevel a driveway, it’s great for grading and shaping, digging or plowing a very versatile landscape tool.


Mulch/Snow Bucket – Shove winter snow where you want it and if you don’t have snow piled up this work great for moving leaves, grass or wood chips too!


Fork-Lift Attachment – Need to move around pallets, engine blocks, landscape boulders, lumber, this attachment does all of that and more. Just know the weight limits to be safe and only use the equipment for what it is designed to do.


Stump shredder – Stumps can be eyesores that look like a pimple on your yard. No need to have an unsightly lawn where a grand tree once stood proudly. Shred stumps low and slow with this attachment. One advantage of shredding vs. grinding would be the location where you need to remove a stump. If you are in a small walkway space or on a golf course, somewhere that there is heavier foot traffic, this is the attachment you need to complete this job. It’s a lot less messy than a stump grinder in this case.


Augers – Need to put up a fence or plant a tree? This is a perfect piece of equipment to implement and will help the job go easier and faster, especially for tough soil areas. Some may prefer to call it a “back saver”, whatever you prefer to call it, this is a great piece of equipment.

This article doesn’t truly give justice to all these babies can do, but remember, we are a customer service provider as well. We have many years of experience and can help you decide which skid steer or mini skid steer is best suited for you as well as what attachment(s) best suits the job or task you have at hand. The good news is with either choice (mini or regular) most of the attachments are available in both options. Do not hesitate to call and inquire about these or any of our equipment rental products. We want you to be successful and we would love to help you do that by renting our amazing equipment. And remember, skid steers are a seasonal piece of equipment and can be useful for different projects depending on the time of year. Save time, your back, and your wallet by calling 336-396-8968 to rent a skid steer today!