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If you’re a wall painter or electrician, a towable boom can be the ace up your sleeve. They allow you to reach considerable heights (about 100 feet), eliminating the need to use a ladder. Whether you choose a knuckle or telescopic alternative, you can yield tremendous benefits from this piece of equipment.

Benefit 1 – Remarkable Flexibility

The main reason you should consider renting a towable boom is its flexibility. This especially rings true for articulated knuckle machines. Featuring knuckles (joints), the unit can bend, allowing you to navigate tight spaces.

Therefore, you don’t have to leave the machine and get a ladder to access hard-to-reach areas. It can all be done from one place.

Benefit 2 – Unmatched Heights

If working at a height is your priority, you won’t find a better option than towable booms. Some models, particularly the telescopic options, can reach approximately 100 feet, making them perfect for tall buildings.

Benefit 3 –Next-Level Variety

Another great thing about towable booms is their utility in different fields. More specifically, you can use them to do pretty much anything.

Are you a lawn care specialist who needs to trim overgrown shrubs and tree branches? A towable boom will be your best friend.

Are you an electrician who maintains the local power lines and troubleshoots outages? Look no further than a towable boom to inspect the system safely.

Benefit 4 – Portability

The final benefit only applies to knuckle booms. As they’re not fixed, you can utilize them from one site to the next without any issues. Having a vehicle with a robust switch system is the only requirement.

Benefit 5 – Advanced Tires

If you’re tired of tire tracks in your indoor facility, a cutting-edge towable boom is the right solution. Most modern machines come with special tires that leave no traces on epoxy garage floors and other surfaces, resulting in a clean, hassle-free service.

Key Takeaways:

  • • Towable boom lifts can go up as high as 100 feet, but in the US, the majority go 35- 60 feet.
  • • There are generally two types of towable boom lifts – articulated knuckle booms and telescopic booms.
  • • Telescopic booms will only reach up, but the articulated knuckle boom will get close to the structure, and then reach around the structure.

“Knuckle booms are the most popular because they offer versatility in places they can reach.”

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