Rose Of Sharon Fertilizer Guide: Learn How To Feed An Althea Plant

Rose Of Sharon Fertilizer Guide: Learn How To Feed An Althea Plant

Did you know that the rose of Sharon belongs to the Hibiscus family? This pretty, easy to care for plant is a welcome addition in family gardens.You must be careful to not over-fertilize the plant if it needs it, however. Of course, you should fertilize it when you first get it. Then, going forward, you can fertilize it each spring. Do not forget to read and follow the directions on the fertilizer label and never apply it to its stems and trunk.

Key Takeaways:

  • This plant comes from India and China and blooms in late summer and fall.
  • Fertilization can help the rose of sharon bloom, but you have to be careful to not overdo it.
  • It’s crucial not to apply fertilizer to the trunk or the stems of the rose of sharon.

“A member of the Hibiscus family, rose of sharon is generally a low maintenance and reliable deciduous shrub for the landscape.”

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Yardsmart: Colorful lion’s tail lures beneficial wildlife, fills in landscapes


In the country of Africa, there is a line of plants that belong to what is called the mint family. One specific line of plants that stem off for this group is called the wild dagga group. Wild daggas are big perennials, and they come equipped with tall stalks that are softened by vibrant, orange flowers. They are often used as tobacco substitutes, and they can even be used as pain relievers due to its medicinal properties.

Key Takeaways:

  • The wild dagga is a part of a group of South African plants known as a group of mint varieties.
  • The plant’s appearance is a tall, bold stem with beautiful orange flowers that appear when it blooms.
  • The wild dagga is typically found along the east coast of Cape Province or Natal.

“It’s a quick fix to fill ugly corners and block views of sprinkler valves and pool equipment.”

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John Deere 344L Compact Wheel Loader

This is an advertisement for the John Deere 244L Compact Wheel Loader. The video starts with action shots of the machine working, set to electric guitar music. Then there is an interview with a manager of a dairy factory. He explains, and the video shows, how the Wheel Loader helps with the work on the farm. It highlights different features of the machine and the man talks about the features in use. The video ends with the John Deere logo.

Pallet Wood Yard Dominoes + Printable Scorecard and Game Instructions

Pallet Wood Yard Dominoes + Printable Scorecard and Game Instructions

Playing dominoes has been a traditionally-loved game among Americans for centuries, and now you can make a life size version for even more fun! There are a few ways to make DIY dominoes. One way is to print out free cut-outs of the dominoes, and then to mount them onto board that you can find at various craft stores in your area. You can also allow your kids to paint them if you want to try a more creative approach.

Key Takeaways:

  • By printing the free template that is available, you can have a ready-made theme without the extra legwork.
  • Try mounting the pictures on different types of board in order to create a hard background surface.
  • If you’re feeling more artsy, have your kids paint the themed dominoes instead of downloading the pre-made versions.

“Awhile back we made a YARDZEE yard dice set that we’ve really enjoyed (and it makes a great easy gift idea, too!) and today we’re adding to our favorite yard games list with these DIY yard dominoes.”

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Building quality from the ground up


When it comes to building structures whether it be for interior or exterior settings, you’re going to want the right tool for the job. It is important that exterior structures have the proper drainage methods intertwined within their architecture. Choosing to rent your equipment can save you lots of money on larger projects like this.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dream of creating more usable space from your sloped or hillside lot, well-engineered retaining walls are a vital component.
  • Outdoor wall structures need proper drainage systems installed in order to filter out rain and debris.
  • Permeable pavers are another popular hardscaping option, allowing water to drain into the soil and water table.

“If like many local homeowners, you dream of creating more usable space from your sloped or hillside lot, well-engineered retaining walls are a vital component.”

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