The 2018 3E Series Tractor – The “Perfect” Tractor

The 2018 3E series tractor is the perfect utility tractor. It is perfect for people that use tractors in their line of work, or in their life. This tractor runs seamlessly and is great for anyone that wants a very reliable tractor. You can hook it up in a snap. It is not difficult to use. It has a very tight turning radius. It also alerts you when there is an issue, so you will not be guessing what is wrong.

Build an Old Window Greenhouse

Building an old window greenhouse is not exactly as easy as it sounds. One greenhouse used to be a bunch of discarded windows and was transformed into a very beautiful creation. All it takes is a little effort and a little know how to transform something into an amazing greenhouse. It does not matter what ability you have presently, you can always learn something new and make a greenhouse, if you want to. You just have to be open to it.

Key Takeaways:

  • As homeowners across the country upgrade to insulated windows, older windows are relegated to the junk heap
  • These include wood-framed units that have seen better days, aluminum-framed storm windows that are no longer needed
  • You can find them in dumpsters, piled up on remodeling job sites, for sale cheaply through salvage companies

“You can learn to make your own old window greenhouse with the help of today’s guest blogger Chris Peterson”

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Healthy soil makes for a healthy garden – Visalia Times-Delta

This particular article is about gardening, and how sometimes soil can become an issue. In order for your plants and vegetables to grow the soil must be handled a particular way. Not to mention the items it needs in it to really perform well. The soil must have minerals and it must not be compact. When it becomes compact it does not allow air to move freely, as well as water so that minerals can be dispersed evenly. When soil is compacted it can not perform these tasks. However there are ways to solve the problem if it ever occurs.

Key Takeaways:

  • If your lawn or garden has brown spots even though you watered both diligently, it could be due to soil compaction.
  • If weeds are taking over or you have quackgrass, knotweed, or chicory, your soil probably needs some attention.
  • To alleviate a soil compaction problem, add organic compost to your soil, which will loosen it almost immediately.

“Soil compaction is most likely to happen to heavier soils like clay or loam; however, when heavy equipment travels over it, even sandy soil can become compacted.”

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Second Annual Show of the New England Dahlia Society Attracts Crowds

The second annual show of the New England Dahlia Society has attracted a pretty good crowd. The first meeting was something that many people wondered about, because no one knew exactly what to expect. But, so many interested people showed up at the hosting house. All of the other nearby chapters helped the Dahlia society get all set up. Most of the plant societies out there are very old and finding new members is very tough.

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What makes a good border?

Many different attributes go into making a beautiful garden border. There are many characteristics that go into making a good border, and the appeal of these is different for each person viewing them. Some borders are very structured with lots of staking, and boxed planting. While others are more whimsical and allow the plants more free movement. Color harmonies, complementing and contrasting textures, the scale of the gardens and beds, and the wild life found within are competing criteria for a good border garden.

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