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It’s almost time to fertilize your lawn, and making sure you get it right can make a real difference to how well your lawn grows over the rest of the year. You usually want to give your lawn some “breathing room” as the winter transitions into spring. This will allow root systems to start growing and to use up any remaining fertilizer from the previous year that may remain in the soil. Be conservative with your first application — about half of what the manufacturer recommends — because over fertilizing will ruin the look of your lawn. You can always add more if the first application isn’t enough.

Key Takeaways:

  • This is spring and now that spring has come, it is time for gardeners to make sure their grass has the nourishment that it needs to flourish.
  • To ensure the grass at the lawn is well groomed, one needs to regularly fertilize the lawn at the optimal time.
  • It is not wise to start fertilizing the lawn immediately when spring starts. One has to give them a breathing space before starting it.

“Traditional fertilizers are typically tailored for the time of year, so when searching for the product you need, be on the lookout for a spring mixture.”

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