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There are a variety of attachments for a skid steer or excavator that can help do specialized landscaping tasks. A Stumpex can grind a stump with the shavings staying in the hole of the stump. It works with a skid steer. Bobcat has an auger that is perfect for drilling in medium soil. It works with the Bobcat skid steer and excavator. To move trees consider using the pallet fork attachment by Dymax with adjustable tines.

Key Takeaways:

  • The design of various landscaping attachments is to turn one’s skid steer, excavator, and other equipments into brush clearing machines that are lean and mean.
  • According to the company, Fecon’s Stumpex stump grinder will work on skid steers which have as little as 20 gallons per minute of hydraulic output.
  • Fecon’s Stumpex stump grinder weighs 1,500 pounds and it grinds easier and cleaner than other grinders while having the chip stay in the hole.

“It has a combination output shaft that allows for both hex and round bits. It is 10.6 inches wide and 37 inches long and can dig down to 62 inches without an extension. It can be used with certain Bobcat compact track and skid-steer loaders, excavators, Toolcat utility work machines and the V519 telescopic tool carrier.”

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