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Double duty furniture is perfect for any workshop or limited space needs. A simple flip-over bar stool step ladder serves two purposes. It works as a bench seat for when you need a place to sit, and it also works as a step stool for when you need to reach something from a high cabinet or shelf. No fancy hardware is needed nor is it complicated to use. Simply flip the stool over to achieve the unique step ladder portion and you have one piece of furniture with dual purposes.

Key Takeaways:

  • DIY mavens, Scott, devised the Benjamin Franklin Ladder Chair, which became a template for one creative couple to make their own ladder that doubles as a work bench.
  • Because it arises from the same design base as the Hoosier Cabinet style of the Early twentieth century, this sort of stepstool is often called a Hoosier step stool.
  • Because the design is so simple, one couple put theirs together for no additional money, simply by repurposing 2×2 and 2×4 lumbar scraps.

“We’ve been hard at working making our work area in the garage at our Birch House feel more like a workshop and less like a storage unit that also houses our tools — it’s slow going, but we’re making progress!”

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