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Hardscaping, part of the landscaping banner, can be a difficult industry to conquer. The author gives five ways to keep a crew motivated on track, so that you do not lose focus. Most of them come down to planning. Training is critical as well to make sure the crew and the foreman are on the same path. Most importantly is to have a crisis action plan. This will help the team handle changes in legislation, weather and even mood of client.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lawn and landscape care do not usually have a plan on how to get their job done.
  • Taking extra time to train the landscape crew can save lots of money for the future.
  • Pass out a letter to the neighborhood letting people know when you will be there. It is courteous and it rounds up new business.

“According to Gandora, about 98 percent of the people he talks to don’t have a plan for performing hardscaping jobs.”

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