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A staycation garden is a unique space where you can escape the stress of modern life and take a mini vacation. Creating a staycation garden shouldn’t be a hassle, as that would be counterintuitive. Fill it with low-maintenance plants like perennials, which are drought-resistant. Pad your garden with mulch to prevent weed growth. Build yourself a basic lounge area and fix it with outdoor lightning to ensure that you can enjoy your garden at all hours. A fountain can add a relaxing touch, or if you’re inclined toward cooking, consider adding an outdoor barbecue.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stick to the basics when creating your garden, that way you don’t make too much work for yourself.
  • Create an area designed for leisure; consider adding some lounge chairs to your garden.
  • Outdoor lighting can help keep your garden illuminated after dark.

“The goal of a staycation garden is to create a space that is so cozy, comfortable and inviting that you can enjoy a mini vacation any time the mood strikes you.”

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