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“Up-cycling” is a skill every gardener who finds faith renewed and days begun watching flowers grow, waiting for edibles to ripen, or trees to provide shade must use. For decades gardeners have up-cycled “pallets” to add depth, height, and color to their gardens and yards. Wooden pallets destined for the land fill become wall hangings when planted with flowers and perennials. Imagination, design, color all make these hangings gracious. Add succulents or grow strawberries.

Key Takeaways:

  • One great plus to using this type of wood is that, without this type of reinvention, it is generally destined for the dump.
  • Use of this wood has been catching on with do-it-yourselfers, particularly for the last ten years.
  • The naturally aged look and the open spaces inherent to the item work perfectly with plants and will look stunning in your garden.

“Pallet wood can be disassembled and repurposed into any shape that you can imagine, so it’s easy to make a pallet planter that fits your needs.”

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