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Highly maneuverable, they fit everywhere and perform all types of jobs, yet the skid steer is the victim of some bad press, in particular several myths. One myth has the skid steer being edged out of the market, which is patently untrue, as the compact wonder is definitely holding its own corner of the biz, due to its size and popularity. Another myth has the skid steer being just another name for a compact track loader, also not true. Though certain body components are alike, the two are not usable in the same way. Skid steers are faster. They have wheels instead of tracks and they perform well on concrete. CTL has track-specific traction, making it good for rougher terrain. Another myth is that OSHA does not require training for skid steer operators. Modern skid steers should also not be subjected to generic hydraulic fluid, which by virtue of yet another myth some owners believe is just fine for their skid steer.

Key Takeaways:

  • The market for the skid steer loader has not decreased because it does jobs that no other machine can do.
  • While skid steer and track loaders have a similar look, they are designed to move through different kinds of surfaces.
  • OSHA does require training on hazards and safety before you can operate a skid steer.

“Skid steer loaders are awesome machines — they’re maneuverable, their compact, and they can perform all kinds of tasks. However, they’ve been around long enough to be the victim of myths and misinformation.”

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