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The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute notes that Autumn is the perfect time to put in the yard work that will determine how healthy, verdant and tidy your yard will be next summer. Continuing to mow the grass will help it to stay healthy and pest-free and get enough sun. Aerating your lawn will allow more soil, water and nutrients into the soil, while mulching your leaves and lawn clippings together can help create nutrient-rich compost to feed your living landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, Autumn is when you need to put in the work that will give you a beautiful yard next summer.
  • Autumn is the right time to mulch, trim, patch, aerate and otherwise maintain your living landscape.
  • Aerating your soil lets more water and air get to your grass, while mulching your leaves and grass clippings will create rich compost.

“Cutting the grass low allows more sun to reach the crown of the grass, so less leaf will turn brown in the winter.”

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