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Window cleaning is a lot more important than you would think. When you keep your windows clean, you allow for greater energy efficiency which not only protects the environment but it also saves you money. When you don’t clean your windows, the glass can get weaker over time due to things like acid rain and oxidation. Smoke can also firm up on your windows and cause a foul odor. Finally, clean windows will increase the value of your home and make the interior of your home look much nicer.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is very important to make sure your windows are clean because clean windows lead to higher energy efficiency.
  • Smoke can build up on the inside of your windows from cigarettes, candles, cooking or even a fireplace.
  • Clean windows will add value to the home because they will make the appearance inside of the home look better.

“The integrity of the glass may become weakened and more easily shattered, and the transparency can become clouded due to the effects of dirt remaining on your windows.”

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