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Why Is My Tree Rotting: Information About Wood Decay Fungi In Trees

Rots occurs in wood when a tree usually contracts some kind of fungi that attacks it until it starts breaking down. The onset of wood rot typically occurs when the tree is damaged or injured in some way. That can come from bad storms, animals or the wrong kind of pruning. When wood is exposed or damaged, it lets organisms collect and grow as the fungi attacks and wood deteriorates. Fungi can spread like wildfire so prevent it, plant a tree in the right environmental conditions for its type

Key Takeaways:

  • Wood root is caused when a tree gets damaged in some way.
  • Growths of fungi, also known as conks, may be the first noticeable sign of decay.
  • You can prevent decay by selecting the right weather conditions for your tree.

“Wood rot, or wood decay, occurs in trees due to the presence of various types of fungi.”

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