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There are many factors you should consider when intending to use a lift for a job. There are several kinds available, and some may be suitable more than others, depending on the type of work. Scissor mechanism lifts are very common. They can be maneuvered in small spaces and have a small footprint. The lifts with booms can reach higher points, but typically require additional space in order to function to their full potential. Regardless of your choice, ensure you understand all the features and safety measures before you commence with tasks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scissor lifts are vertical lifts with a platform. The platform is the same as the base and these lifts are used both inside and outside.
  • A boom lift is very versatile and they all have a base, an arm that can be moved and a work platform on the end of the arm.
  • A personnel lift is typically 2 to 3 feet wide and 15 to 50 feet high and is best used indoors on compact spaces.

“Because of their stability and relatively large platform, scissor lifts are usually used as a work platform.”

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