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The hammer drill is also referred to as an impact drill, it comes handy when you need to drill holes in very hard surfaces. The hammer drill is employed to bore holes on surfaces that extreme force is needed and when less powerful tools fail to make the needed impact. There are different types of hammer drills: – percussion hammer drill – pneumatic hammer drill – rotary hammer drill The upside is that, majority of the hammer drills available in the market now can be converted to a standard drill mode. So it can serve the function of a high powered screwdriver.

Key Takeaways:

  • Any hammer that creates a hole by way of using a hammer mechanical motor can be considered by default a hammer drill.
  • If you want to make a hole in very tough matter, explicitly so you can insert screws, bolts or plugs, you need a hammer drill.
  • The same hole created by a hammer drill, where previously attempted by a normal drill, would undoubtedly take a great deal longer.

“The hammer drill, also known as a percussion or impact drill, is a popular addition to virtually any toolbox due to its ability to drill holes in extremely hard surfaces.”

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