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When researching your heavy equipment rental options, you’ll find that the initial investment is quite low, but you’ll need to properly and accurately calculate your overall heavy equipment rental costs by considering all the factors.  When it comes to heavy equipment needs, homeowners and contractors require the right machine for the job. You may need to move loads of stones for landscaping or driveway use, excavate a trench to lay in pipework, clear out a construction site, or place in grading.

Key Takeaways:

  • Excavation equipment, also power shovels, are two common construction site items. Most digs require them at some point.
  • Excavators make use of hydraulics. Meanwhile, power shovels run by using cables, winches and steel ropes.
  • Excavators dig, as per the name. However, they can also haul, grade, demolish, mine and even remove snow.

“Excavators are usually delivered to the construction site by the rental company.”

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