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Vegetables Love Flowers: Improve Your Vegetable Yield by Planting Beautiful Blooms

Even if vegetable gardening is your first love, interplanting flowers in with your vegetables will help your produce grow. According to author and gardening expert Lisa Ziegler, you can improve your vegetable yield through the magic of flowers! While adding flowers doesn’t fix all of your gardening problems, it does cut back on your maintenance by attracting pollinators to your patch. Marigolds, specifically, attract beneficial insects. Plant some lavender to protect your veggies from wildlife. While it is a pleasant odor for humans, it’s too overpowering for deer and other animals. Finally, plant chamomile and daisies, which will attract predatory insects. You want these wasps and hoverflies around to eat pests that would otherwise be going after your vegetables!

Key Takeaways:

  • Even if you are a vegetable gardener at heart, interplanting blooms in your veggie patch can improve your produce yield.
  • Plant marigolds to attract beneficial insects and bring cheer to your vegetable garden.
  • Lavender is a pleasant but strong scent that deters deer and crop-eating bugs from entering your garden.

“Lisa Ziegler’s fabulous book, Vegetables Love Flowers: Companion Planting for Beauty and Bounty, catalogs the many ways that adding flowers to the garden has helped her grow better produce and spend less effort.”

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