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There are many types of boom lifts that one can select for their next job. Boom lifts are using to get material and manpower into elevated areas. There are articulated boom lifts, telescoping boom lifts, and atrium lifts. There are several considerations in selecting a boom lift including height of job, weight of material and personnel, and if the lift needs to get into a tight spot. One should also consider the job site terrain, how easy it is to get to the elevated position, the carrying capacity of the soil, and how the lift will get to the site.

Key Takeaways:

  • Articulating boom lifts have vertical and horizontal flexibility, while telescopic boom lifts can only extend in one direction.
  • When evaluating a lift, consider the terrain and whether the work site is indoors or outdoors.
  • Some boom lifts can transport themselves to the worksite, while others need to be towed.

“A boom lift is an aerial work platform that enables workers to perform tasks safely at high elevations. It is used during many applications, such as cleaning windows on tall buildings, electrical and cable repair, and other tasks in which workers need access to high areas.”

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