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Aerial lifts are platforms that extend to various heights depending on the model, giving laborers the ability to reach higher work areas. The most common form of aerial life is the electric scissor lift. The electric scissor lift is known for offering a large amount of flexibility due to the ability of extended to several different height levels. Another popular form of a lift is an atrium lift, which is actually compact and can fold into small spaces like doorways.

Key Takeaways:

  • Standard lifts are usually electric scissor lifts which move vertically and provide high amounts of flexibility.
  • If just one person is on the job and it only requires 17 to 26 feet of lifting, a personnel lift is a good option.
  • An articulated knuckle boom offers perhaps the extensive amount of versatility, and can be used in crowded environments.

“Aerial lifts are versatile pieces of equipment featuring extendable platforms that allow you to access higher work areas, such as ceilings, roofs, windows and HVAC equipment.”