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Tips for Maintaining a Newly Built Home

Not much is more exciting than a shiny, new toy. And of all the nice, shiny new toys out there, not much could ever match the excitement of a shiny, nice, new home. The time to start ensuring that nice, shiny, new home stays nice, shiny and new-looking for as long as possible is on the day of its unwrapping.

So, when your builder takes you on the tour, take copious notes. There will not be a quiz. But, there is likely to be info that can not be found on any hard copy maintenance and ownership documentation. That said, that documentation should be perused with a fine-tooth comb. Highlight the essentials.

Start logging and tracking right away. Note when stuff gets done and stuff is maintained. That way you will get a bead on when it will need to happen next. This is especially important for growing families, that will need to keep abreast of shrinking timelines as wear and tear grows.

It may seem obvious, but cleanliness is next to newness in home upkeep speak. Not only will the house be more habitable and cozier, it will also prevent wear and tear to keep it clean. And, everyone needs to be brought on board, so all house-users know how to keep stuff scratch-free, minimally damaged and looking good.

When it comes time to sell, you will want all your ducks and documents in a row, that is warranties and maintenance info in good order. In terms of maintenance, it is especially critical with new homes to keep an eye on the yard, which is likely to settle. Watch for drainage problems. Watch out for windows and doors settling too. Most of all, enjoy your new home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cleanliness isn’t just next to godliness, it will also minimize wear and tear on your house and keep it new-looking longer.
  • Pay attention to your builder’s tips on tour day, when you take ownership, and review your owner’s manual with a fine-tooth comb.
  • Carefully track when maintenance happens, not just to know when more maintenance needs to happen, but also to have good records when you want to resell.

“Congratulations on moving into your newly built home and may you enjoy many happy years living there.”

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