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A boom lift is a type of aerial lift that features a platform or bucket attached to a grounded base by a long arm. A hydraulic lift system is used to extend the arm. Arms can be bent (articulating boom lifts) or straight (telescopic boom lifts). Unlike a scissor lift, a boom lift allows forward reach. A boom lift can be used for tasks such as erecting scaffolding, painting ceilings, or hanging signs. Choosing the right lift depends on several factors, such as how high you need to go and whether there are space restrictions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Boom lifts are highly versatile because they afford the user a way to accomplish both horizontal and vertical lifts.
  • A boom lift has a platform, vehicular base. It also has a bucket for the user to sit in and a long, crane-like arm.
  • Sometimes confused with a scissor lift, the boom lift has more ability than the more limited scissor lift, which only goes up and down.

“Boom lifts make reaching difficult places and heights easier than ever. Providing a more secure workspace at high heights than with a standard ladder or man lift, it provides a safe way to get work done at any elevation.”

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