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Sustainable Garden Design

Interested in gardening, but want to do so in a manner that doesn't have a huge footprint on the planet? Fortunately there are plenty of design steps you can take to ensure that your garden doesn't have a big environmental impact. One of the biggest areas of focus must be water – reducing water consumption is key. This can be accomplished through a number of means, including selection of the right kind of plants and appropriate topography during layout.

Key Takeaways:

  • Considering planting a garden? Well, also consider its impacts on the environment as well.
  • While some gardens can have big ecological footprints, there are steps you can take to reduce those dramatically.
  • Most important is in the realm of water conservation: picking the right type of plants and layout will have a huge impact in this regard.

“A successful looking garden in Perth is going to need some very different elements to a garden in coastal Sydney. It all depends on where you are, your location, that determines the sensible use of local materials.”

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