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Strawberries are a fruit that most people like and go well in many different recipes. They can also be quite expensive. While it is cheaper to grow your own crop of strawberries, they can be a tricky item to grow effectively. One of the problems that is often encountered with strawberries is how often or how much to water them. Strawberries have shallow roots that don’t usually get below 3 inches below the top of the soil. As such, they tend to dry out quicker than some other plants. Overwatering them can also lead to rotting of the plants. There is no one recommendation for watering plants due to differing environments. The only thing to be done is to keep a close eye on the plants at first and experiment with watering to find the best method of keeping them moist but not soggy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strawberries are plants whose roots are very shallow and that makes it possible that they will dry out more quickly in the garden.
  • In climates that the water received gets up to 1 to 1.5 inches per week, it is stated that one does not need to water his strawberries.
  • When the weather is hot or dry, or when the climate is not full of water, then one needs to provide moisture to his strawberries.

“The key is to provide enough moisture, but never too much.”

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