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At the end of summer, most lawns of taken a beating from the heat and the sunlight, so during the fall, it’s important for homeowners to take preventative steps to get their yards ready for next year. Homeowners should be aware about the potential for fungal diseases within their lawn, and may need to spray fungicide in the autumn. Other fall lawn care tips include, but are not limited to, applying pesticides, aerating, and proper fertilizer treatments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lawns take on a lot of stress throughout the summer and need to be repaired and cared for in the fall.
  • It depends a lot on the weather and the area if you want to apply a fungicide every year. If your yard has chronic problems, do this yearly.
  • Aerating and overseeding lawns help immensely because it will be all new grass, basically no insects and no disease.

“The more scientific we are about this, the better the results and the healthier the soil is,” he says. “If the soil isn’t happy, the lawn isn’t happy.”

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