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Oshkosh area schools are getting a makeover. Oshkosh4Education, a nonprofit that promotes excellence in local public schools, has launched Project CURB (Collectively Upgrade Restore Beautify) to improve the look of the schools in Oshkosh Area School District.
The group has a goal of $300,000 in fundraising to help pay for projects to refresh school buildings and surrounding land, including sports fields. So far they have reached 20% of that goal.
Existing public education funding is earmarked for education and keeping the school building functional. But this has taken a toll on the “curb appeal” of the area school buildings. Local realtors and community development officers believe that upgrading the appearance of buildings and the appeal of school sports fields will lead to general improvement in the impression of the neighborhoods and city overall. The city is also ramping up improvement projects to coincide with Project CURB, including planting trees, repainting crosswalks and bike lanes, and replacing signs.
About 1000 volunteers are needed from each school for the one-day project focus. Groups from UW-Oshkosh, the West Side Association, Kiwanis Club, churches, and other areas of the community have all pledged volunteer labor. Businesses have donated materials and equipment usage, and the entire community is ready to mobilize and participate.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Oshkosh area is set to see some renewed cleanup efforts. Project CURB is ready to be unveiled across the city itself.
  • Citizens should get familiar with the plans that project CURB has in store. The Oshkosh area is ready for expansive efforts that get underway.
  • School district facilities could benefit from the project at its best. Project CURB is ready to spruce up the Oshkosh area when possible.

“Oshkosh4Education has launched a citywide effort to spruce up the look of Oshkosh schools — CURB stands for Collectively Upgrade Restore Beautify.”

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