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Save your back with equipment rentals

Gone are the days of calling up your favorite uncle hoping he will loan you his pickup truck and tools for your next move or, better yet, enlist his friends to help out “just with the heavy stuff.” Renting moving equipment is a great way alternative to the well-meaning uncle who tends to always have something “come up” on moving day!

Some Sound Advice
Many do-it-yourself movers turn 3 hour moves into a 3 day ordeal. This can be avoided by renting the right moving equipment. If you have never rented moving equipment, you may be confused about what you need to make the job go smoothly.  Making use of trained professionals with expertise and years of experience in the moving industry can prove to be priceless. Here’s why:
•    A trained staff will help you find the right tool for the job.
•    You’ll learn the proper and safe way to operate the equipment.
•    You will ultimately save money by not having to purchase equipment you only intend to use once.
•    The price you pay for suggested rentals is a fraction of what it would cost to hire a professional moving company.
•    You’ll have access to equipment that is maintained and conditioned daily in contrast to borrowed equipment that may have been gathering rust or is in need of repair.

Indeed there are many options when it comes to available equipment to rent. If that busy moving day is approaching soon, why not start the information gathering process now?  Statistics show that on average a person will pick up and move several times before settling on a permanent home. Thereafter the permanent home is also changed several times. Forming a consultative relationship with a reputable equipment rental company will help guide you through these transition periods and help make all of your moving days easy days.