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Little adds to an enchanted evening like a pretty yard or outdoor patio. To theme a basic outdoor space it’s easy to add pavers and plants to simulate a professionally poured or landscaped walkway. The combination of individual paving stones and plants requires some foresight. The greenery between pavers should be low and slow growing and provide adequate cover. The plants that edge the walkway or patio should be tiered so that taller plants can peek through and provide privacy screening or an appropriate border.

Key Takeaways:

  • Paving stones are used to create a timeless look that cannot be matched. The memorable pathway can be created using the right paving stones.
  • Add some plants to make the path look better, this will provide some creativity to the final look too.
  • Arrange the stones to make for a better look at the entrance. Home owners are proud of the arrangement that they have made.

“The main challenge with planting between pavers is the sometimes tight spaces. Add nutrients to the soil and loosen any compacted soil there.”

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