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Jackhammers are useful in construction, but they need to be used properly. Before operating one, be sure to secure the safety of the job site. This incudes setting up a work perimeter and posting appropriate signage. Additionally, wear proper PPE such as a hardhat, goggles, gloves and a dust mask. A jackhammer operator should always have a helper on hand. There are two types of jackhammers, pneumatic and electric, and the former requires air hoses to be safely connected. Either type requires the right bits to be used. During operation, employ the correct angle of insertion for the jackhammer. Also, let the tool do the work. There’s no need to push down hard on a jackhammer.

Key Takeaways:

  • First, secure the safety of the site and put on personal protective equipment.
  • Choose the right jackhammer for the task – pneumatic or electronic – and select the appropriate bits.
  • Apply the jackhammer at the correct angle and don’t push down hard on it.

“A jackhammer is an amazingly helpful tool for many construction applications. If you’re going into the construction field or have a job to do, chances are you should learn how to use a jackhammer. Some major points of consideration are safe job site setup, proper personal protection equipment (PPE), and understanding the tool itself.”

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