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If you have a garden you should probably check the weather report since storms can do a lot of damage. You probably have money in this garden. It would be wasted if your plants got ruined. It would also mean your time was wasted. Many spend a lot of time to get their gardens just right. If storms are coming there are ways to prepare for it but first you have to be aware it’s coming.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since it’s hurricane season, it’s the perfect time for people to make their gardens hurricane-ready before the next one hits.
  • There are some last-minute ways to protect your garden from storm damage, including storing lawn furniture and hanging baskets indoors so they do not go flying in high winds.
  • If you have any vegetables that are almost ready to be picked, pick them because flooding will make them inedible.

“Fifteen- and 25-gallon containers that weigh well over 100 pounds are likely safe in storms, but prestorm preparation should include moving smaller containers inside.”

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