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A website owned by a real estate marketing firm has an article on how to spruce up the look of a house by doing some landscaping. The author is a realtor who makes her money flipping houses. She offers four landscaping tips. First, one should make up a general plan. Second, she recommends a vertical look. She also recommends putting in plants that have color. Each tip has an illustrative photo and an embedded link to a related story. A short description of the writer and a comments section appear at the end of the piece.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s a good idea to have a unified landscaping plan that revolves around a theme, such as a color.
  • Using perennials that come up year after year save the homeowner time and energy.
  • Get great landscaping ideas by canvassing the neighborhood and speaking to nursery professionals.

“I only spent about $700 to landscape the whole property, but I have easily added three times that in value.”

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