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People who use propane tanks in their homes have two choices when they run out – refill them, or exchange them for a new one. Refilling normally takes place at a refill station, with a professional doing the refilling. When you exchange, you simply bring your empty tank in, and receive a full one in its place. If you’re going to exchange, you need to make sure the place you go has the tank size that you need.

Key Takeaways:

  • Traditionally, propane tanks were refilled, but now exchanging an empty for a full tank has become an option.
  • While exchanging is quicker, you may not receive the exact amount of propane you want.
  • Exchanged tanks are always certified, but it’s possible your tank may be refused for refilling.

“Customers can choose one of the following; either they have the option to refill their propane tank or exchange it.”

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