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Burning through your propane supply leaves you with two options: exchange your tank for a new one or go to a refill station.

On the one hand, refilling requires you to visit a local refill station. You give our tank to a licensed propane expert, who does the refill on your behalf.

On the other hand, exchanging your propane tank means you hand over the old container to a specialized provider and receive a full unit.

But the central question still remains: which method is cheaper? This article will provide the answer.

Should You Refill or Exchange Propane to Save Money?

Refilling your propane tank is the better option from a strictly money-saving standpoint. You can save approximately $1.75 per gallon compared to exchanging for a new container.

That said, the price isn’t the only factor you should consider when deciding to take one route or the other. Both refills and exchanges have a few advantages and disadvantages you should take into account.

Advantages of Refills

  • • It’s more affordable. As previously discussed, refilling a propane tank is a budget- friendly solution.
  • • It gives you more gas. In most cases, the amount of propane you get with a refill is higher than that of exchanged containers.

Disadvantages of Refills

  • • It takes time. While professionals don’t take very long to refill a propane tank, the precious minutes spent at your provider may mean a lot when hosting a barbecue celebration.

Advantages of Exchanges

  • • It’s safe. There’s no need to worry about tank safety when getting a new one because each unit is inspected for proper sealing and high-quality materials.
  • • It’s faster. If you need a fresh tank fast, an exchange is your best bet. Most providers have dozens of tanks in stock at all times to eliminate wait times.

Disadvantages of Exchanges

  • • It’s more expensive and gives you less gas. Besides being pricier, new tanks generally have less gas than refilled containers.

Key Takeaways:

  • • Traditionally, propane tanks were refilled, but now exchanging an empty for a full tank has become an option.
  • • While exchanging is quicker, you may not receive the exact amount of propane you want.
  • • Exchanged tanks are always certified, but it’s possible your tank may be refused for refilling.

“Customers can choose one of the following; either they have the option to refill their propane tank or exchange it.”

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