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For many outdoor jobs like clearing the land or digging trenches, people need to rent the equipment. This is a money-making opportunity for people with adequate machinery. Skid-steers are great, versatile machines that may turn your rental into a full-time job. Modern steers are versatile, and have many added options that make them useful in a wide variety of jobs, from mowing, removal of tree stumps to land clearing. Like any other equipment of this kind, steers are rugged and will last a long time with a little bit of care and proper maintenance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Skid steers of the past were valuable because you could switch out the bucket for a pallet fork or a landplane.
  • Skid steer rotary mowers are great for people who are looking to get rid of thick brush or grass on a big area of land.
  • To remove tree stumps you can use the skid steer stump grinder attachment which moves the stump very quickly which will save you time.

“With this new workhorse, it helped lead to diversifying and bringing value-added options for customers, such as mowing, stump grinding, or other general land clearing options. By adding a rotary mower, forestry mulcher, or stump grinder, you will expand your business opportunities. This diversity will allow you to take on most vegetation management jobs.”

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