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There is a way to help boost clients landscaping appeal for house hunters. Looking in the yard is very important when you are looking for a house. Not paying attention to the state of the yard is something that many people might mistakenly do. Check trees, patios and plants in order to see if the yard is in good condition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes homeowners will try to have a simple patch fix to sell the property, but never fix the real issue.
  • Sometimes problems on a house can be hidden or disguised by adding some landscaping over them, so be sure to look closely at anything that may be planted or sitting next to the house.
  • If the ground slopes downwards towards the home, water probably pools against the foundation when it rains or when the lawn is watered.

“Watch for things like paver patios and steps when checking out clients’ homes. Paver patios may add an attractive and welcoming look to the backyard, but they do need to be maintained.”